InstaPneus is Franchisable!

Are you passionate about entrepreneurship and you want to build and manage your own company? The InstaPneus franchise is for you!

An Established Success

Together, We are Stronger!

Join our qualified team available at all times to help you achieve the recipe for success. Instapneus wants to surround itself with reliable and motivated people.

Throughout the startup and activation of the franchise, we are here to guide and assist you in this process.

The Reputation of InstaPneus

We have a simple and effective work protocol and a well-grounded philosophy of unparalleled customer service.

Our teams are constantly working to perfect our working techniques and we are always innovating to remain competitive in our sector of activity. In addition, Instapneus enjoys a reputation and a huge network of contacts that you already acquired by starting your franchise.

Our Service Offers

Instapneus offers a mobile mechanics service in companies as well as in the homes of its customers. We want to minimize the waste of time involved in garage appointments that our customers had to do before.

In this way, our customers do not miss work while we do the requested service on their vehicle. We offer tire changes, oil changes and maintenance mechanics (brakes, fluid checks).

Our Team in Action

You are the master of your future

Do you want to start your own business? Do you want to work with passionate people who care about the success and evolution of Instapneus? Do not wait any longer ! Contact us now for more information.

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Why are we different?

Our team takes care of scheduling appointments, providing you with customers and also preparing your routes for you! The goal is to represent our brand image in your sector and thus continue to grow Instapneus through our beautiful province of Quebec. You are in charge of managing your employees, developing in your area and promoting Instapneus to increase your business volume. By cons we ensure a minimum for your success!